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Grimm Halloween

For the very, very lucky ones living in Belgium, "Grimm Halloween" is ball not to be missed at Kasteel Van Gaasbeek organised by the amazingly talented Viona.

Enlyl's Realm New Creations

New chokers and pendants now available at Enlyl's Realm :)
                                               Nerissa Choker
                                                  Hybrid Dragonfly Pendant

Enlyl's Realm is back!

After a break that was unfortunately longer intended, Enlyl's Realm is slowly but steadily back on back on tracks, ready to answer all your queries and make your dreams come true, jewellery wise at least :)

And don't forget to visit Enlyl's Realm on Facebook :)

Blood Test II: The Revenge

So everything started well, the doctor is only 20 minutes late, he reads the paperwork, I give my left arm, don’t feel a thing and done! Hurrah! Except that he then looks at me and says “ I am so sorry ... [long awkward pause]... There was one more...”. I could have killed him just the power of my mind but instead I reluctantly gave him my right arm and he felt appropriate to mention that he is going to take two tubes just in case. Go on mate, you’re obviously the expert here...

The second time was unfortunately not pain free but I can deal with that however when I looked no blood was coming out! Shall I kill him now or wait for more? God know how he manages to get my blood flow in the tubes before I had time to run away and then realised that his tray was too far from him, so with one hand pressing on the needle still in my arm he balances himself on one leg in order to grab his tray... Is it Caversham NHS Practice or Cirque to Soleil??? o_O

As if that was not enough, he then reuses a cotton and an alcohol swab he previously threw away in an improvised bin on his desk to clean my arm! O_0’ At this point do I even want to wait for a plaster? Me thinks not...

In conclusion this has to be number two in my top 10 blood taking screw up, right after the moron who was not able to use a catheter properly and let the blood squirting out of my arm only being able to say “sorry, sorry, sorry” when I was very ironically being treated for a nose bleed...

Winter Wonderland

A little reminder of how beautiful snow can be when you do not have to go to work in an ill-equipped country... I took a stroll in Regent's Park during my lunch break last Monday and was so amazed barely anyone did the same. The park empty apart from a few mad joggers who obviously wanted to die on the numerous icy patches and grownups making snowmen. It was heaven...


More snow! :DCollapse )

Terraway Industries Products

One of Terraway Industries' fantastic Steampunk Sentinel Goggles has been selected Etsy's Victorian Treasury: "A lot of Victorian Nonsense"!
            Steampunk Sentinel Goggles

Sacred made Real

A retrospective of some of the most realistic religious art to be produced in 17th century Spain, “The Sacred Made Real” presented at the National Gallery, is the result of 10 years of work giving art lovers the chance to see masterpieces rarely seen outside of Spain, including work by Velázquez and Zurbaran, as well as other artists involved in the Counter Reformation. Most pieces are still paraded through the streets of Spain during the Easter processions.
This is the first major exhibition to explore the relationship between sculpture and painting during the Spanish Golden Age, taking a closer look at the ways in which artists combined their skills to bring their religious subjects back to life with arrestingly real depictions designed to inspire feelings of awe and to make viewer feel the presence of Christ.
Dramatically lit against dark grey walls, the marvelous and often disturbing exhibition spares its audience nothing – gaping wounds, rivers of blood, severed heads, ruined flesh, Christ's tortures, excruciations and morbid miseries.

Dead Christ”, Gregorio Fernandez, 1625-1630

More blood!!Collapse )

Sacred Made Real

Tomorrow I am going to see “The Sacred Made Real”, a retrospective of the most realistic religious art to be produced in 17th century Spain, presented at the National Gallery.
It will be a remarkable chance to see masterpieces rarely seen outside of Spain, including work by Velázquez and Zurbaran as well as arrestingly real depictions such as Gregorio Fernandez 's "Dead Christ” only to quote one.    
Dead Christ”, Gregorio Fernandez, 1625-1630
"Telling Tales" explores the recent trend for unique or limited edition pieces, inspired by the spirit of story-telling, that push the limits between art and design.

“Design art” are products that transcend the boundaries between function and art. Function is not of primary importance anymore, artistry in the details takes over whilst familiar domestic items are invested with strange properties.

In the first room, entitled “The Forest Glade”, subtle sounds of creaking forest incite the visitor to become attentive to the natural possibilities of beauty and danger.
'Fig Leaf' armoire by Dutch designer Tord Boontje is at once a place to hang clothes and an artifact of insane beauty, with its 616 leaves enameled by hand. More :)Collapse )

Sophronia Choker

Bright and sunny Sunday and I have just uploaded one of my last creations on Etsy :)


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